Our History

Australian rules football began in Sweden in late 1993 with the creation of the Helsingborg Saints. The Saints entered a team in the Danish Australian Football League (DAFL). They continued as the only Australian rules club in Sweden (excepting the short-lived Lund Bulldogs in 1995) until 2002, when the DAFL was restructured and the Saints were divided into three new clubs, the Port Malmö Maulers, Helsingborg West Raptors and Lund Magpies. After 2005, the three Scania teams became feeders for the South Sweden Saints (changed name back to Helsingborg Saints in 2008), who competed in the DAFL Premier League and reached the 2005 Grand Final.

In 2003 a new club was formed, the Göteborg Berserkers, followed by the Stockholm Dynamite in 2004. The three centres for footy in Sweden continued to operate largely independently of each other, with the Dynamite creating its own three team local league under the Stockholm Australian Football Federation (SAFF).

A loose federation calling itself the Swedish Australian Football Association was created, but no real governing body was created until late 2007. The name Svenska Australisk Fotbollsförbundet was adopted with the association being known colloquillay as AFL Sweden.

As of 2019 clubs currently exist in Eksjö, Helsingborg, Malmö, Stockholm, Gothenburg and Norrtälje.