Ravens – Women’s National Team

Swedish Ravens Euro Cup 2018

The idea for the birth of the Swedish Ravens came about sometime in 2014 in Helsingborg with the hope of sending a team to the 2014 IC in Australia. At the time it didn’t quite gain enough momentum but the following year after the establishment of a team in Malmö the Ravens got to participate in their first international events.

First the 2015 Nordic Cup in Malmö and then the 2015 Euro Cup in Croatia. Croatia proved to be a tough challenge with a last place but the Ravens took the challenge and have steadily improved from year to year with a 4th place in Euro Cup 2016, 3rd place in Euro Cup 2017 and 2018.

This year will see them compete in the Euro Cup on home turf in Norrtälje on the 29th June. Taking it one step further to challenge the top two teams in Europe is a huge challenge but a realistic one that can be achieved with further development of the sport in Sweden.